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Wednesday, June 1st 2011

The following people have not turned in an Article Response. You are on this list for one of several reasons. 1) You didn't do your assignment when you were supposed to or 2) your assignment grade was not recorded. If the latter is the case please email me and/or bring your response to the final so that I can record your grade.:
Sarah Helms
Nike Montgomery
Devin Morgan
Alec Nolen
Juan Rivera
Salvador Rodriguez
Jalyse Stewart

Monday, May 30th 2011

Monday, May 23rd 2011

Tuesday, May 17th 2011

Monday, May 16th 2011

Tuesday, May 10th 2011

Thursday, May 5th 2011

Links for Religion:

Tuesday, May 3rd 2011

Links on Identity and Social Stratification:

Monday, May 2nd 2011

Tuesday, April 26th 2011

Link for Margaret Mead video:

Tuesday, April 19th 2011

Links for Kinship:

Thursday, April 14th 2011

Wednesday, April 13th 2011

Video Link for Communication:

Friday, April 8th 2011

Sign up sheet for Article Responses.View SignUp_061634.pdf

Thursday, April 7th 2011

Video Link for Fieldwork:

Monday, April 4th 2011

Attached is a scan of the key concepts list for Chapter One, for those of you who have yet to receive their books.View newdoc_1_050535.jpg

Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Evolution of Culture Video Links:

Thursday, March 24th 2011

Course Information

  • Institution

    CSU Bakersfield
  • Instructor

    Natalie Thompson
  • Course Description

    This course will provide a survey of the field of anthropology, as well as the major concepts, theories, and methodologies involved in cultural anthropology specifically. It will introduce students to the cultural diversity present in our world, introducing them to various cultures and subcultures, their social institutions, ideologies, and practices and how these cultures interact, intersect, and change. Through close analysis of various texts, films, and lectures, students will also demonstrate their understanding of the key themes and issues presented in the course through various assignments. Finally, this course seeks to promote skills in communication (both written and oral), critical thinking, and to develop multicultural awareness.
  • Meeting Times

    Tu-Th; 12:20-2:25PM
  • Start Date

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